Sixth Form Bullet Journal: Getting Started

I have this kind of obsession with recording everything. If I'm not able to flip back to a page telling me what I did on a certain day, the time will have been "empty".

I've dealt with this in the past by keeping about a thousand notebooks. Poetry in one, diary in the other, another for my homework tasks, one for dreams... the list was endless, and I always was misplacing them.

But I've been reading some organization blogs lately and found out about bullet journalling.  I've felt so much more productive and in control ever since I started!

This way of journalling gives you lots of small, reachable goals, and my diary, homework, goals and thoughts are safekept between one neat set of pages now.

The notebook I use is a Morrison's one which only cost me £2.50. But it's lasting super well, and also has narrow-ruled lines, over which I'm weirdly enthusiastic.

April page

I did start off the month with a habit tracker page, but I've since switched to use the HabitChamp app instead as it's a little bit easier.

 monthly events

goals checklists

daily layout

As a bullet journal beginner, I've found it a bit too easy at first to give myself too many tasks. It's important to let yourself breathe, letting go of some things if you don't need them.

I also started keeping a food and exercise diary section, which has helped me to stay a little healthier.

I keep my stickers in the back pocket (you never know when you will need a sticker, to jazz up a worksheet or cheer someone up) and a pen tucked in the side. 

Some inspirational bloggers I'd recommend are organized charm, boho berry and karlen creates on youtube. Their journals are super cute!

I hope this week you see a pretty dog, and work hard as exams approach!

- L


  1. so cool, i'm going to try this! not sure if you remember, but you used to follow my old blog back in the day. I've just started a new one if you'd like to take a look ^^ www.rosieleizrowice.com

    1. hi rosie!! thanks for letting me know, i'm psyched that you're blogging again and going to check it out! :-)