inexpensive self-kindnesses

If I were to give any kind of advice, it would be that there should be more self kindness.

Acknowledge that you matter. You're a kind person, and you should be so proud of what you've made it through. A lot of your time is spent doing things for other people, for school or work, and you deserve time to be kind to only yourself; peaceful and relaxed. Not scrolling through facebook, but knowing yourself and knowing that you matter.

Put the kettle on, and pour a cup of tea for yourself. Listen to the water pouring. Take the cup outside. Let the gentle smell of a herbal tea drift upwards and smile at you. Sip the hot liquid very slowly.

Fold open a creamy white blank page, and write, fearless of judgement, about yourself. Let strange strings of words float in the slipstream of your pen. Poetry might blossom across the lines, or a simple list of appreciated things. Sketch a plan of your ideal future, not stopping to question its improbability. Capture who you are, what you like, right now.

You can use the library for free, so you can reserve a book you've been wanting to read for a while, and enjoy learning new things from its pages.

Take the time to listen to your favorite music, eyes closed, appreciating every base note and drum beat. The youtube playlists of Disney piano covers are relaxing to listen to, and I also absolutely love the videos from the school of life youtube channel, and find them really calming.

Look after your body. Walk around your street and appreciate spider's webs, little dogs and streetlamps. Explore somewhere new in your town. You can pamper yourself inexpensively: there are lots of lovely recipes for hair masks online (though I'd recommend staying away from banana masks, the little bits got stuck in my hair and took ages to get out) or you can run a bath with coconut oil in it (keep your hair out of the bath) and feel how soft your skin gets.

Tidy a shelf or drawer of your room, and feel better and fresher for having done so. Donate your old things, and admire your clean shelf, letting the air flow in through an open window.
If flowers grow in your garden, they can add a lovely spring mood to your room. You can cut the stems with scissors at an angle, then put them in a little jam jar on your desk.

Life can bring its little stresses, so it's important to make yourself the most important person every now and then.

Lots of love,


  1. <3 i love how you write, these are very lovely thoughts

    1. thank you so much my dearest, glad you enjoyed them <3

  2. This in itself was therapeutic to read. Thanks for this!

  3. This in itself was therapeutic to read. Thanks for this!

    1. aw thank you so much Steph, I'm glad you found it calming! :-) x x