websites for deciding career

Like many students, I'm not at all sure which job I want to do in the future. These websites are worth a look to help see which direction you're aiming for!


autumn sixth form capsule wardrobe

I love watching all of the minimalist capsule wardrobe videos, so I thought I'd try my own post, specifically for sixth form looks!


review: lush 'honey I washed my hair' shampoo bar

Lush is always irresistible to me, so I tried the "honey i washed my hair" shampoo bar: much hyped by minimalists!


reduce food waste when eating out

Eating out is fun once in a while, and it always makes me feel sad to see food go to waste. Here are some little tips on being eco friendly in restaurants!


review: palgrave student planner

I decided on trying a planner rather than a bullet journal for the new school year - if you're considering this too, why not read my thoughts so far to help you decide!


minimalism: ditch the duplicates

Probably the largest proportion of items you will clear out consists of duplicates. It's easy to lose track of how many mugs, socks or pens we have, but without the excess, your space will be much cleaner!


try no nail polish month!

I didn't question until recently how toxic those pretty nail polishes might be for the environment. Surprisingly, giving up painting my nails has been super easy, and I'd recommend it for any minimalist with an environmental concern!


minimalism monday: glass jar aesthetic

Everything looks better in glass jars. I think the jar must be a minimalist essential. It's durable, recyclable, and nothing's hidden away. Here are my fave things to put in jars.