minimalism monday: glass jar aesthetic

Everything looks better in glass jars. I think the jar must be a minimalist essential. It's durable, recyclable, and nothing's hidden away. Here are my fave things to put in jars.

They look so neat on the desk, and it's a perfect way to reduce your pens down to one or two jars full, so you only have left what you need.

Dental retainer
It's a lot prettier than the plastic box it came with, with the added bonus that you can add cleaning tablets straight to the jar to clean your retainer.

A key image of minimalism is of a mason jar full of pretty layered salad, or vegan oatmeal or something. It's the jar which is the star of the show, making it so pretty, even to take to school!

I reduced my cosmetics down to a glass jar amount, and now I can see everything I have in the same place - it's ideal for not losing track of what I have, and I don't get caught up in duplicates any more.

Do you have any storage favorites for minimalism? Let me know, and feel free to subscribe if you'd like minimalist tips to your inbox :)

Best of luck for the new school year! 

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