review: palgrave student planner

I decided on trying a planner rather than a bullet journal for the new school year - if you're considering this too, why not read my thoughts so far to help you decide!

Although I wouldn't call it minimalist, I do like the planner's distinctive front cover. The only improvement I'd make is to make the elastic stretchier, so I could bring it diagonally around the front and stick a pen in it, like in my bullet journal.

This calendar in the front is super useful for planning - the front of the planner also has sections for term dates, birthdays, and dates of concerts and societies, so you won't miss a single meeting.

weekly layout

A main reason I've stopped using my bullet journal is that planning all of the boxes myself just got messy and sloppy, so having a planner just looks a lot neater.
I also like the weekly study tip which is printed in the top left.

monthly plan

I admire how the planner is generous with space, giving a whole page to each of these sections.

 There are also a few timetable pages if your timetable changes each term.

overall views
  • the planner is absolutely FULL of pages to plan everything in your life- library book due dates, personal finances, recomended reading, tips from tutors and employment information are all given space here. It's great to have this all in one place.
  • At times, this can almost become too much: I question the day to day use of the "useful contacts" section, for example (just google it) and the Greek and phonetic alphabets.
  • This would be really useful especially for uni students because of all of the uni-specific sections.
  • I chose this planner over the other one at Waterstones for its monthly calendar, so it's a shame these were only included for August and September.
  • The reccomended apps sections were fab, I've downloaded a couple of the apps for use. However, if i'm to be picky, it's a little out of date, as not all of the apps featured were still in the Windows Store. 
  • It is a very cleanly designed and beautiful planner!

Overall, I'd recommend this planner for use in sixth form if you have a lot of things to keep track of and like to plan everything in one place! If you're less busy, maybe you won't use all of the sections as much but I can tell it's going to be a lifesaver for my busy school year.

I hope this was useful to you! 



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