review: lush 'honey I washed my hair' shampoo bar

Lush is always irresistible to me, so I tried the "honey i washed my hair" shampoo bar: much hyped by minimalists!

Lush is my absolute favorite, and I was excited to try out the solid shampoo as it is very simple, ethically made and minimalist. 

I asked the shop assistant which bar makes your hair smell loveliest, and I was recommended the "honey I washed my hair" bar for a sweet caramel smell. It has honey, orange oil, and bergamot, so the bar itself smells lovely and honey-like. I must admit, this scent wasn't very strong or noticeable in my washed hair, but I could catch a smell of it sometimes.

My favorite way to use the bar is to run it over my wet hair until I can form a bubbly lather and rub it all around my scalp. It makes a lovely thick lather, like a liquid shampoo!

And yes, it makes my hair soft and shiny! Another thing I noticed was that my dandruff reduced quite a bit after using the shampoo bar.

At £5.95, it's a bit of an investment for a shampoo, but worth it as mine has lasted me 2 months so far, and looks like I'll get another month out of it yet.

If you're looking for very very soft hair, maybe I'd go for one of the lush conditioners instead, but this is a minimalist and ethical alternative to liquid shampoos, which I would recommend.

they fit perfectly into those Body Shop body butter tubs, if you have any of those.

I hope you have a sweet-smelling day <3

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