try no nail polish month!

I didn't question until recently how toxic those pretty nail polishes might be for the environment. Surprisingly, giving up painting my nails has been super easy, and I'd recommend it for any minimalist with an environmental concern!

what's in a nail polish?

You can tell from when you unscrew the cap of a nail polish and inhale that classic smell, that there are some nasty chemicals lurking in the bottles. With a quick google search, you can find hundreds of articles detailing the complex chemistry of those fresh OPI nails. These include hormone disruptors and solvent fumes which can be inhaled and leach into the body.

Even the glitter in pretty polishes can damage the environment. Glitter particles are microplastics which can be washed into the ocean food chain in huge masses, along with those little chips of polish which are so satisfying to peel off your nails.

nails and waste

Before I donated all of my nail polishes away, I had way more shades than I'd ever use up. The inexpensive and disposable nature of the different colours lets us accumulate so many bottles without even considering how to dispose of them, or if it will make us happy.

So I propose an idea: try a month without nail polish! Let me know if it affects you in any way to go polish-free, and I hope you'll find that you don't miss nail paint at all.

Thank you! Have a lovely day,


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