websites for deciding career

Like many students, I'm not at all sure which job I want to do in the future. These websites are worth a look to help see which direction you're aiming for!

First of all, it is useful to think of a career as how am I going to use my skills to help the world, rather than a question of money or degrees. Of course that is idealistic, but it helps get to your core motivations.

I've found these websites super useful (and sometimes even quite fun to get to know myself better) so they are worth a try if you have no idea what you want to do.

This website is very cutely designed, and includes The Game: a series of questions about your interests, whose answers are used to suggest careers you'd be suited to. It's quite a long quiz, but it's quite relaxing to answer questions about your interests.

As well as providing detailed profiles of every careers imaginable, including salaries and degrees needed, you can also talk to a careers advisor online.

There are lots of videos to watch on different careers here, but my favourite part was the MBTI quiz which matches your result to an animal, and suggests popular careers. I got INFJ, the Seahorse: let me know which one you got!

Another fun career quiz to be found here, a little shorter than the one on Plottr.

I hope you can have fun with these, and learn something about your goals too!

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