minimalism monday: losing the labels

Hi guys!
I'm starting something new - a fresh minimalist tip every week, called Minimalism Monday. I hope you like it :)


how to make money online!

Scouring survey-answering websites doesn't always have to be frustrating and time consuming - you can actually make money sometimes, albeit at a minimum wage rate.


minimalism: culling CDs, DVDs, books and games

How often do you re-read the books you own, or put a CD in the player? If the answer is, like it was for me, "barely ever", then you should clear them out and make some money from it!


minimalist room tour!

Yesterday, I finally took the last bag to the charity shop from this month-long room tidy!

I've been inspired by blogs and youtube to make my room more minimal. So I donated, binned and sold a lot of my possessions, and now I'm down to what I really need and use. Having a clean, spacious room feels great!


DIY: musical theatre collage

As a huge musical theatre fan, I had loads of tickets and little leaflets i picked up, which were cluttering up my room a bit. So I chopped them up and concentrated them into a collage for my wall, eliminating the clutter and making something pretty!