how to make money online!

Scouring survey-answering websites doesn't always have to be frustrating and time consuming - you can actually make money sometimes, albeit at a minimum wage rate.

In short, I've tried several things, and Qmee has been the best for me (#notspons.)  It's a chrome extension which puts a few pennies into your balance every time you click an ad it recommends, which come up every so often in the sidebar. You can also answer surveys to put more in your balance. I used it for around 3 months and had £7 in the balance - really, it's nothing, but just for clicking a few links, not bad at all!

The thing I like most about it is that there's no minimum amount to cash out, and you can also use your balance to donate to charities such as Cancer Research UK.

at the left, you can see what the ads look like.

You can start using it here!

how not to make money online

I'm always seeing links to Swagbucks on tumblr, but it seems like you have to answer a LOT of surveys to get anywhere, and can't cash out until a set total. If you've had success with it, though, let me know!

Another site I wouldn't recommend wasting your time on is slicethepie - the idea of reviewing music for money is appealing, but again, you have to put in a lot of time to get not very much.

The best way of making money is obviously just to get a little job, but you can try these too for a little bit of money to spare :-)

I hope you have a peachy day,

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