july psychology reads

We all know how good some reading is for a fab personal statement. Uni recommended books can be intimidating, but here are some fave popular psychology books which I've borrowed from the library and really enjoyed reading for pleasure this month. I'd recommend these to any aspiring psychology students!


feeling productive over summer

Not having the daily routine of school can take its toll on your productivity during summer. 2 luxurious free months to do... nothing? This is how I try to keep the ball rolling over these months, and I hope it can help you too.


How to get an A* in GCSE music composition

I look back on GCSE Music now as a great time! I don't miss the stress of composition deadlines though, so I thought I'd share my advice for anyone trying to write something good for their GCSE.


fave charity shop finds!

Charity shopping is my absolute favorite, so I was super excited to make this post! I love to search through the rails for bargains (with a smug recognition that I don't need to be funding sweatshop labour to find some mad cheap clothes), don't you? The little town where I live has, like, six charity shops, so it's perfect for me. 


advice for year sevens

I finished Year 12!
Seeing, on my last day before summer, some new kids looking around the school, made me a little introspective and thoughtful on how much I've changed since starting high school.

Although I've lost a lot since then (namely, a taken-for-granted freedom from exams and an ability to find joy in neon animal-shaped elastic bands) I've also gained wisdom over my years.

I think maybe my year 7 self would've done well from taking this advice from her older counterpart. Good luck to new year sevens, hope you find this useful!


inexpensive self-kindnesses

If I were to give any kind of advice, it would be that there should be more self kindness.

Acknowledge that you matter. You're a kind person, and you should be so proud of what you've made it through. A lot of your time is spent doing things for other people, for school or work, and you deserve time to be kind to only yourself; peaceful and relaxed. Not scrolling through facebook, but knowing yourself and knowing that you matter.