reduce food waste when eating out

Eating out is fun once in a while, and it always makes me feel sad to see food go to waste. Here are some little tips on being eco friendly in restaurants!

correct portion size

Often, portion sizes can be too big, so make sure you know how you'll finish the serving before you order it.

share a meal with a friend
If you're not too hungry, why not split a dish and save some money? Most places will have no problem giving you a spare plate to share it on to :)

only order what you'll eat
Usually on the menu, some garnish will be included with a meal like coleslaw, salad leaves, chips or tartare sauce, which I don't actually want and just leave on the plate... so I'm going to try to remember to mention that I don't need them on my order.

careful of waste at a buffet
It's easier to take more than you need when serving yourself, so get a smaller portion.

and, when having a cup of tea...
Mention to the server if you don't have that much milk. I work in a cafe, and we always end up pouring away milk when the little jug doesn't get used up with tea.

I hope you can use these tips and reduce waste!
Lots of love,
- L

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