autumn sixth form capsule wardrobe

I love watching all of the minimalist capsule wardrobe videos, so I thought I'd try my own post, specifically for sixth form looks!


I got rid of a lot of my bags in my initial minimalist clearout, like fancy little purses for going out, and ones I never really used. I'm left now with my cute and sturdy school bag, and a couple bags for overnight stays and suchlike.


Jackets are super cute for the autumn layering look! In case you didn't notice, I have a colour scheme of black, white, blue, grey and tan to make all of my clothes cohesive.


Yes, I live in England, so it's going to be cold enough to necessitate having a few lovely cosy jumpers, in different styles. I love putting one on to feel soft and warm!


A good shirt is an essential to wear every day at sixth form, and these are so cute i can wear them at the weekend, or over a dress as a coverup too.


I love wearing skirts more than trousers, I think they are really flattering to me. I like swishing around in long skirts as well!

other things

I like these high waisted trousers as well for a school look, and they can be worn easily with a pretty cardigan at weekends too.


I had a few goals in forming this capsule wardrobe. One was to have fewer clothing items, so I appreciated everything more, and had less clutter in the wardrobe. I also, inspired by Jenny Mustard, wanted to establish a neutral colour scheme. It's important as well to be able to wear your sixth form clothes as casual looks, so you use your clothes as much as possible.

What are your favorite wardrobe pieces? Let me know in the comments!

Have a beautiful evening,

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